96-year-old shows up an overconfident poker player

Fast image serving auto-scales all your images to any size, and serves them off the fast servers used by Picasa.It was self-sustaining after some months (we started while we were working on different organizations, and we quit our jobs after reducing the financial risk).Matt points out that HN and other voting related sites have flaws.They got up at sunrise and typically worked long, hard days in the fields - workdays that were not circumscribed by any arbitrary time limit but rather defined by whatever it took to deal with the exigencies of each day.If not strongly think about recruiting a cofounder. 2 65 points by endlessvoid94 1 day ago 2 replies.

He complains about lack of downvotes on stories, but then points out how downvotes on comments are abused.And only a few, will think of the obvious for the many. 14 1 point by alexyoung 1 day ago 0 replies.Not to mention quite a few Django apps use database features which are simply not supported by BigTable.

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I blogged more about it here: 35 -4 points by Eil 1 day ago 5 replies.

Whereas, if you had a team or a co-founder the company can still go on without you. 23 2 points by citizenkeys 1 day ago 1 reply.Otherwise, really cool offer, thanks guys. 21 1 point by cjoh 1 day ago 1 reply.For example, I believe OKCupid uses several of these icons in their GUI such as the report flag, edit, views, etc. 12 1 point by slowpoison 4 days ago 0 replies.Even such a basic feature as threading within the comment stream is often missing. 2. There often is not any kind of way to vote on comments so as to make it easy for people to find the good comments. 3. Bloggers are often one-hit wonders.We started out buying 3 beat up laptops, fixing them and selling them.

I told this story in yesterdays post but I have a friend that used to take the same Portland to DC flights every Monday (to DC) and Friday (to PDX). senator Wyden, even though he had probably earned millions of frequent flyer miles, always sat in coach, always in the same spot.Which is why when I had my own team, I told my guys, you want to surf, sure, spend as long as you want.

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Likewise long-running connections become very tricky to deal with with lots of traffic. this point is a little harder to argue with the recent popularity of asynchronous-io servers, but I think Google is working hard on these limitations.In other words, physicists have to think of non-obvious stuff.But what it does do is extremely powerful from a develop perspective, and the application-centric model, like heroku or engine yard, is where things are headed.I work here, so I set my capacity to 5TB and symlink everything important on my system (Desktop, Documents, etc) to Dropbox.If you ever go to Japan make sure to try Matcha, it consists of very finely ground green tea leaves.

This is a better guide to tea drinking, at least the British way of tea drinking: 4 3 points by DanielBMarkham 11 hours ago 1 reply.Going to be another person to chime in to say Dropbox is awesome.I was trying to start a cursor ruckus but I think that all my cursor movement crashed your server.To name a few benefits: A developer staff of 1 can focus on the application code and not the infrastructure details.Just one person asking if there was video being recorded, and a lot of people not wanting to make declarative statements on record.

But it was a huge step back money-wise. 53 1 point by zingo 3 days ago 2 replies.But the interface is really a joy, I like it a lot. 3 25 points by dxq 2 days ago 3 replies.I really like the design of your site. 22 1 point by UXMovement 1 day ago 1 reply.If the value of the web is increasing faster than the value of Facebook, I think the web will survive. unless FB is deliberately trying to destroy the web, of course. 10 1 point by EGreg 1 day ago 0 replies.Leather pants turn a good story into a great story. 16 Faking it. sahillavingia.com 187 points by sahillavingia 4 days ago.

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Let your users decide for themselves whether your idea is awesome or not.This means when I do need to do something fancy with the datastore, I can fully test it with unit tests and be confident it will work when deployed.I wonder how many of these opt-outs are going to end up on the no-fly list. 30 1 point by sgt 22 hours ago 3 replies.Think about it this way, if testimonials are rigged, what metrics are companies then using to improve their products.This is a nice do-it-yourself guide to how to file a certificate of incorporation in Delaware.Is it legal to record the audio of a cop if you inform them about it first.I hope it works out for you 21 A Collection of Useful.gitignore Templates github.com 169 points by gintas 3 days ago.Incidentally, this could be an interesting exercise in calculating when and how often to send out cursor coordinates.


This gentleman is illegally hosting my tools, which are copyrighted and not licensed for redistribution.When the time came, we were able to jump into a new project that was already setup and ready to go.All bootstrapped, no outside funding. 7 11 points by paraschopra 2 days ago 1 reply.This is especially true for communities, since noone wants to be the first one there. 14 1 point by partition 3 days ago 0 replies.After being so upset with his cheating class, why does the professor offer a large time period to re-take the test.They all have some discussion: 4 35 points by jsolson 2 days ago 6 replies.Marco has now updated his system with automatic S3 backup: 26 SSH scans - I caught one seclists.org 160 points by mcgin 4 days ago.He also submitted one of his existing questions to the exam and I recognized it when I was taking the exam.

Up to 50% off invitations. At Zazzle, each of our products. Show your best friend you care by gifting them a phone case to keep their phone safe and protected.I have gained more in knowledge than what I have lost in time on HN, as long as it is that way, I am staying. 37 1 point by ced 7 hours ago 1 reply.

Apparently, this is due to the fact that the development server is single threaded.At first I really liked the heavier oxidized teas, but I found that my tastes went greener and greener the more I experimented.I feel they are same. 30 1 point by preek 20 hours ago 0 replies.That prevents singeing the leaves that can kill a nice cup of green tea.Flags move posts down, and if you get a ton of them, it even makes the post disappear.Are you holding back something that seems too obvious to share.Angry because neither the hash table or the prime multiplication would be as fast as a boolean array indexed by the char value.

He seems to have issues with the TSA. 61 -2 points by antidaily 10 hours ago 0 replies.After reading this I realize that I still vote up comments I agree with rather than comments that add value to the discussion.Does no one read the documentation before deciding to use a platform anymore.The intruder was using it as an IRC bouncer, and he was a romanian named Alexino.It is not really Facebook particularly, it is a general problem.New Arrivals - Hamilton Books. the legend of the greatest player the game has. a Food blogger and registered dietitian 6587526 SPEAK UP, SHOW UP,.I love this community and I have to say it really opened my mind about functional programming, startups, making decisions, learning from lessons and so on.

For example the top commenter nl with 83 points: 24 2 points by bigwally 2 days ago 0 replies.I actually found him on the IRC network, and he tried to get me to pay him to tell me how he got in:) 7 1 point by hackermom 4 days ago 0 replies.We have yet to take any funding and completely bootstrapped the company ourselves. 51 1 point by HackrNwsDesignr 3 days ago 0 replies.And an earlier occasion: 13 1 point by kashif 4 days ago 0 replies.Naturally I logged in and deleted absolutely everything in sight.:-P 2 10 points by runjake 4 days ago 0 replies.